Just Community Committee

Members of the Just Community:


Chair, Doris Santoro




Barbara Stengel




Bryan Warnick



Purpose of the Committee:

A Just Community Committee, consisting of at least three members, shall be appointed by the President to staggered terms of three years. This committee will work with the Executive Board to ensure a welcoming conference experience for all members, and to ensure as well the rights of participation of all members in any Society activities and functions. [Conference attendees who experience any harassment at the conference should report it to members of this committee.] The committee is designed to act as a neutral resource to receive concerns, grievances, and complaints; to provide information about resources on/off the relevant home institution; and to offer feedback and relevant support. 

Message from the Chair:

The Just Community Committee is committed to ensuring that PES is an inclusive and welcoming society. Conference attendees who experience any harassment may report it to members of this committee. Members in good standing who have questions about the equity and inclusivity of Society procedures or actions are also welcome to raise these issues. We can be reached anonymously through the portal included in monthly membership newsletters. You can also approach any member of the Just Community Committee by email, phone, or in person at the annual meeting. On occasions where norms established by the Society have been breached, we can serve as a neutral resource. We encourage creative solutions, mutual understanding, and restorative dialogue.  

Current Initiatives:

The Just Community Committee has set up two questionnaires that are periodically included in the monthly membership newsletters. One invites members to indicate their interest in serving on particular committees. It is an attempt to demystify the process of PES engagement and to provide presidents, who usually compose committees, with broader information. The other questionnaire invites members to provide feedback on how PES can become a more welcoming and inclusive society. It also gives a place to raise concerns about breaches of norms or instances when the anti-harassment policy has been violated. This questionnaire can be submitted anonymously. 


In the future, the Just Community Committee plans on working with the Membership Committee to administer post-conference feedback on the climate of the annual meetings.