Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education is an international, peer-reviewed, quarterly journal published by the Philosophy of Education Society. The journal includes all papers selected for and delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society and additional scholarship that has gone through a peer-review process that may not have been featured at our annual meeting.


Previous versions of this scholarship appeared in the Society's Yearbook. We are currently in the process of moving over back issues of the Yearbook to our new journal website. However, until that process is complete, please find this scholarship using the links below:

PES Yearbook 2017 onward 

PES Yearbook 2016 and earlier

Guidelines for Conference Submission and Yearbook Contributions

Philosophy of Education Society Yearbook Sample Endnotes

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Amy Shuffelton, PES Executive Director:

The Philosophy of Education Society is an international forum that promotes the philosophic treatment of educational practice, policy and research, advances the quality of teaching the philosophy of education, and cultivates fruitful relationships between and among philosophers, philosophers of education and educators.