Committee on Race and Ethnicity   Jobs Manual


A.     Committee Description & Membership

The PES By-Laws describe the Committee in Article I, Section 8:

“A Committee on Race and Ethnicity, consisting of five members, shall be appointed by the incoming President to staggered terms of three years; the Chair shall be appointed by the President. The Committee on Race and Ethnicity will promote and support the study of race and ethnicity in philosophy of education.”

If there are conferences or other activities world-wide that relevant to the work of the membership, members will generally post these notices on the listserv.

B.     Role of the Committee Chair

  • The Chair role is a two-year appointment.  We have tried to keep ahead of the next transition so that we do not have to devote our meetings to leadership issues at every meeting.

  • The responsibilities are minimal other than monitoring the listserv during the year and convening the Breakfast meeting at the PES annual conference.

  • If requested by members or by members of the Exec. Comm. of PES, Chair will post announcements or solicitations.

  • The chair consults with past chairs on issues relevant to the Committee.

  • The chair represents the Committee to the PES Executive Committee, the PES Business Meeting and other venues as requested/required.

C.     Timelines and Triggers

Late Summer Early Fall

  • Encourage CORE membership to submit papers and alternative sessions for conference.

Late Fall Early Winter

  • Request agenda items for CORE breakfast session

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