Current Committee Members:

  • Derek Gottlieb (2024 Chair)
  • Tony DeCesare (2024)
  • Kathleen Knight-Abowitz (2024)
  • Mike Gunzenhauser (2024 ex officio)
  • Hospitality Chair (Mary Jo Hinsdale) (2024 ex officio)

Purpose of the Committee:

A Conference Management Committee of at least two members shall be appointed by the incoming President to staggered terms of two years (with the possibility of renewal). The member who is in the second year of service to the committee shall be designated as Chair of the committee. Additionally, the Chair of the Finance Committee and a Hospitality Chair, appointed by the incoming President, shall serve as ex officio members. The function of the Conference Management Committee shall include but not be limited to consulting with the professional meeting planner about conference locations and hotel negotiations, ensuring that PES receives everything that was negotiated in the hotel contract, monitoring room reservations, determining and ordering meeting room set-up orders and food orders, and meticulously reviewing the Banquet and Event Orders (BEOs) and the final bill from the hotel.

Current Initiatives:

Conference Management Committee Jobs Manual

Conference Management Committee Discussion Forum
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