Finance Committee

Members of the Finance Committee:


Chair, Barb Stengel (2021)

Vanderbilt University

Headshot Boyles.jpg

Deron Boyles (2020)

Georgia State University


Kal Alston (2022)

Syracuse University (2022)

Currently one spot open (2023)

Purpose of the Committee:

A Finance Committee of at least four members shall be appointed by the incoming President to staggered terms of three years (with the possibility of renewal). The Chair shall be elected by the members of the Committee. The function of the Committee shall be to review the PES investment strategy and portfolio, as well as the Society’s annual budget, and to recommend substantive and procedural changes as necessary to the Executive Board.

Message from the Chair:

It will come as no surprise to you that many members of our Society either don’t warm to matters financial or feel that they have little to offer the Finance Committee.  It may be true that many philosophers are not money savvy but some are!  If you are one of those folks who can navigate budgets and spreadsheets and investments without breaking out into a cold sweat, please let one of the members of the committee OR the President-Elect that you would consider appointment to the Finance Committee.  We need you!   

If you have questions about our work or about the Society’s finances, don’t hesitate to inquire of any member of the committee.   We promise to take your questions and suggestions seriously.  Be warned though:  if you express too much interest, we will no doubt rope you into working on the committee!

Current Initiatives:

Over the past several years, the Finance Committee has recommended changing our banking location from a high-cost investment firm to a lower cost firm, and are still working to make that happen.  We have encouraged regular practices of budget forecasting, created spreadsheets to make that possible, and offered advice and support to our Executive Director.  Having this kind of advice available to the PES Officers and Board can take some of the stress of office off them.